Ruth Harry
Guitar Teacher

** Celebrating 20 Years **


There were many people who could not attend the photo event, some of whom sent some super testimonials...

* Just about the best guitar teacher you'd have the good fortune to meet ... Kris E

* You bring music to the community, making your jam sessions open to non-pupils and taking these informal groups out to entertain at various events ... Ali C, Charlie P

* You have been a shining light with regard to the music scene and your ability to organise things ... Mike T

* Last night's music session was the best yet ... mainly down to your driving force and great rapport with everyone ... Ray L

* A note from New Zealand, I always appreciated the lack of ego you brought to our lesson, wearing your theoretical knowledge and guitar skills lightly, and not to forget your patience either. Yet to find an RGT teacher this side of the world to replace you ... Mike S

* I really enjoyed playing in a smaller group and appreciated your time and effort in bringing us all together ... Graham K

* Your annual concerts are great, especially for the children ... Ian J

* Well worth travelling 30 miles for ... Paul H

* What an accomplishment, 20 years a teacher and an empathetic, understanding and caring one at that! ... Gayle M