Ruth Harry
Guitar Teacher

News update:

It’s time to let you all know that I have now retired from teaching in Tiverton and have moved to France.

After moving to Devon 44 years ago as a young maths teacher, marrying and raising a family of 2 boys

and then becoming a self-employed guitar teacher which lasted for 26 years, I now intend to spend

my time reading, relaxing, making music, enjoying the sun and the fresher air here.

It has been an amazing time and I have many fond memories of people and events which happened whilst teaching and playing in bands.

I am also writing a journal of current times so please get in touch if you would like to be kept in the picture.

Thank you to every one of my students both in schools and in private lessons - it has been the best job ever!

More good news - the Music Theory Project is still available on my YouTube channel - check out the Introduction to see what’s coming!

VIDEO 1 is perfect for beginners and people with some knowledge wishing to revise.

VIDEOS 2 and 3 complete the whole cycle of fifths in all 12 keys. Exciting stuff, give it a try! I promise I’ve made it easy to follow.

Currently up to Video 6 the project will be resumed when I’m settled.

You can click the video below to access my Youtube channel if you have a moment.

You can also check out my Ruth Harry Songs Page on Facebook My Music


The 2011 Annual Student Concert.

The 2008 Annual Student Concert.

The Annual Student Concert is held in November at the Tiverton High School. The select audience of family and friends is "performer-friendly"making it an ideal opportunity for you to get up and have a go!

The 2007 Annual Student Concert.

The 2004 Annual Student Concert.